Rex files in Logic

How to Use Rex Files in Logic Pro

So when I bought that drum sample pack from , it came with two files, one full of .wav loops and one full of .rex loops.

I started out using only the wav loops in my logic sessions just for simplicity. I also didn’t want to take the time to learn how to use rex files in Logic.

But then I was working in a song and I needed to slow it way down and Apple’s time stretching algorithm started to deteriorate the sample.

I knew that rex files were made to somehow change timing of the loop but I didn’t know how to use them. I then took to google to learn, and I compiled all my findings below:


Propellerhead is a Swedish company that invented the rex file and makes tons of really cool audio tools like Reason, Figure, and ReCycle.

I found this video on Propellerhead’s site describing exactly what rex files are and how they are made. Watch it below.

After I learned why rex (.rx2) files are so cool, I got really inspired to go change the tempo of my song.

I tried just dragging and dropping the .rx2 file into my Logic session but that didn’t work at first..

You have to download the REX Shared Library from Propellerhead’s website:

Link to download the REX Shared Library is HERE

After downloading the .pkg from the link above, double click on it.

If it gives you a security error: click settings on your computer -> security and privacy -> allow download

After all that, the REX file still wouldn’t import into Logic.

So then I downloaded the at the same link above (even though that page says my current version of logic does not need to).

Rex Files in Logic pro

I ran that script and voila, it worked.

To import your rex file just drag and drop


Click file -> import audio file -> then find your .rx2 file

When I imported my drum loop the tempo changed naturally as I changed my project’s tempo.. pretty magical stuff. Beethoven would greatly appreciate all of our futuristic creative tools. #blessed

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