Movie track in logic pro

How to use the Movie Track in Logic Pro

When I started out making music it was either an acoustic video, or a produced track.

Now I’m producing tracks that allow me to play along with my acoustic. This way I can have both..

I produce a beat/write a song in logic, and I make sure I can play along with it all the way through with my acoustic guitar.

Then I get to record a video of me with an acoustic guitar that has a full band/track behind me.

That’s where the movie track in logic pro comes in.

Here’s how to use the Movie track in logic pro:


First, right click at the top of the arrange window and click “show movie.”

Movie track in logic proThen right click in the movie track and click “open movie.”

movie track in logic pro

A finder box will open, now go find the movie you want to use.

After you choose the movie you’ll see this box:

Movie track in logic pro

Click “ok” and your video will show up in the movie track and it’s audio will show up in a new audio track like this:

Movie track in logic pro

Now an easy way to line up the audio of your movie to the audio of your track is to click on a thumbnail in the movie track and you’ll be able to drag it left and right.

The audio track is locked to the video so you just have to drag the video until both audio signals match up perfectly.

Hit play and make sure they sound like they’re playing in unison.

Now mute the video’s old audio track, the track “MAH02894” in the screenshot above.

Your track’s audio is now matched up to your video and you have high quality audio behind your video.

To export the movie with the new audio, click File >> Movie >> Export Audio to Movie >>

Choose your destination, and then click ok.

You’ll then see this box:

Movie track in logic pro

If you uncheck this box then it will automatically exclude “track 1” which is the video’s old audio track. If you leave it checked, it will include that audio as well.

Note ** There’s been times when I unchecked this box and it still had the old audio on it, so just mute the track if you don’t want it in there, and un-mute it if you do.


It’ll then bounce and take a little bit of time.

Movie track in logic pro

Then you can go to your finder and find your movie, hit play, and it should have the new audio that you bounced with it.

Nifty right? I thought so too.