Why I use I Want That Sound for Live Drum Samples

I Want That Sound is a boutique drum sample retailer. They create live drum samples that you can drop into your own music.

The only pack that I’ve purchased so far is called the Organic pack. The Organic pack has inspired me immensely. After I bought the pack I started dropping wave loops into Logic and creating songs off of them.

This was a great process because the drums are simple, sound amazing and form a rock solid foundation to build on. I ended up writing 5 new songs within a week of purchasing.

I even got my first sample pack 50% off for filling out their survey.

After digging deeper into the company, I’ve found out how cool these guys are, they have even posted YouTube tutorials about layering their samples and using them creatively.

Check out the video below to see what can be done with a sample pack.

I actually learned about That Sound by a drummer friend of mine who was showing me Paul Mabury on Instagram. If you don’t know Paul, he’s the guy doing a lot of the actual drumming in these packs.

This is Paul here:

You should definitely follow these guys on Instagram if you haven’t. They have some great content.

I highly recommend this company and no they’re not paying me to say this. I’ll be sharing the songs I made with these samples after they are more finished.

If you have a friend who’s having trouble getting inspired, send this post to them. The free sample pack you get for signing their newsletter will get you inspired by itself.