The Best Headphones for Music Production

I’ve now had two pairs of clunky “studio” headphone monitors. I originally had the Shure $100 monitors, I forget their name. I used them for a long time but they were really uncomfortable for long periods.

Then I sold those and got the Sennheiser ones, same price point, and again, they hurt my head for long periods of time.

One day I realized that my headphones hurting my head was actually a huge bottle neck in my workflow and a real deterrent to me creating music.

I thought that I needed to have flat EQ headphones so that my mixes weren’t crazy bad if I had to mix with headphones throughout the workflow.

But then I realized that there won’t be a mix if I don’t make it through the initial creative phase.

So back then I was writing and creating music like any beginner does, without a process.

I never really thought of the whole thing as a process. I was just adding parts, mixing, recording, and doing whatever until I had a big blob of something that I thought was alright.

So my Bose Soundtrue consumer headphones really serve two great purposes:

  1. They are very comfortable and I can wear them for hours
  2. They keep my from trying to mix with headphones

They keep me from trying to mix in general. Instead of mixing for hours and getting all distracted by sounds in the initial creation phase, I leave the mixing for later.

I just design sounds that sound good to my Bose headphones and I’ll adjust and change as needed when it’s time to mix. It’s not time to mix in the beginning, just make it sound good to your ears in that moment so that you can be creative.

Patience my young tulip seed, mixing comes later.