10 Steps to export audio stems in Logic Pro

Something that I’ve had to figure out recently has been making clean and organized stems for mix engineers.

I searched the internet and found a really good video about exporting stems in Logic Pro which is at the bottom of this page, but I also listed out some step by step instructions that should help you a lot.


Before starting I bounced the song and named it my mix, so I could send it to the mixer as well, and they can hear basically what I want it to sound like.

Then, to export the actual stems do this:

(1) Click file >> alternatives >> new alternative >> name it something like (stems). Now your work is saved.

(2) Set the yellow cycle marker to cover your entire song beginning to end like this:

Export audio stems in logic pro

(3) Go through and re-name all the tracks so that they will make sense to anyone you send the stems to, like “DRUM LOOP” “KICK SAMPLE” above.

(4) Show all your hidden tracks and delete any tracks you aren’t using and don’t need.

(5) After it looks cleaned up and nice, click file >> export all tracks as audio files.

(6) Now pick your destination (I chose my google drive folder so I could just share the link with my mixer and they can download the whole file.)

Export audio stems in logic pro

(7) Choose an un-compressed format like WAVE, a high BIT DEPTH, choose “One File Per Channel Strip,” make sure you Bypass Effect Plug-ins, DON’T include Volume/Pan Automation, and use “Overload Protection Only.”

(8) Now click save and be patient as Logic does it’s magic.

(9) If you go to the destination file in your finder, you should see files something like this:

Export audio stems in logic pro

(10) Since I used Google Drive, my computer will sync it to the cloud then I can get the shareable link from the Google Drive folder and send it to my mix engineer. They’ll be able to download and drop all the files into their DAW.

The video below was very helpful and got me headed in the right direction. Check it out if you want. ++——->>

Thanks for reading this article on how to export stems in Logic Pro X. If you want me to cover anything else or have any questions, let me know in the comments.