Logic Pro Vs Pro Tools

Why I Use Logic Pro Instead of Pro Tools

When I first started making music with a DAW I naturally went out and bought Pro-Tools because that’s what everyone talked about in the studios that I could remember.

I struggled to really make¬†any music with Pro Tools as a bedroom producer. I didn’t realize it at the time but what I was really looking for was a creative device to help me write and compose music.

I realized quickly that Pro Tools is really good at, and is made more for live tracking in the studio.

After some time debating whether I should contribute another 200 bucks to Apple’s net income and get Logic Pro, I finally took the plunge. This was one of the best things I ever did.

After I was off and running with Logic Pro X the workflow became much smoother. Instead of using Pro Tools to record people live in a studio, I was able to use Logic as a creative tool.

Logic made it very easy to drop in loops, create beats, play amazing instruments, and record kind of “as you go.”

So yes, I am a huge fan of Logic Pro. I highly recommend it as a creative tool because everything just kind of works without having to program the whole thing to run.

This is my first post as The Bedroom Producer and hopefully you’ll follow along as I share how I am developing my musical creation process.